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Demo Reel

Kelsi Umeko is a Japanese American actress and indie filmmaker. She is currently based in Seattle, WA. Kelsi trained under some of the top acting coaches in the industry while living in Los Angeles, CA. Kelsi is the new show host for Pokemon's new series, Beyond the Pokedex. Kelsi has a supporting role in the SAG Feature Film My Dead Friend Zoe, starring Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris, Sonequa Martin Green, Natalie Morales.  Kelsi has been a series regular on REI's Trailheads Webseries for the past 3 years. The series is a comedy/improv based. Check it out by clicking on link below. Kelsi was also a series regular on Disney Babble's Midnight Moms. Also, another improv/comedy based series where moms chat about motherhood. Kelsi has gotten to work on many different exciting projects. She starred in Shawn Mendes's music video "Lost In Japan Tonight." Kelsi was a principal cast on the feature film The Look-See, produced by Crypt TV. Kelsi also wrote, produced, and starred in the feature film The Sacren, which has a release date of November 12,2019. Kelsi has shot multiple TV shows, numerous commercials, received awards for voice acting, and does print modeling as well. Kelsi has had the joy of getting to work with her real family numerous times. Kelsi has traveled all over the United States for work. She is a pleasure to work with and gets hired and rehired by the same production companies over and over again. 

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